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How well does okra do when planted in an Aquaponics system? Could it be said that it does better compared to when cultivated in the soil? Are the same methods and practices used when planting in an Aquaponics system, or are the methods different from that of cultivation in the soil?

Posted by: Curious Daisy (2 points) Curious Daisy
Posted: February 16, 2024


The difference is that hydroponics offers more control over nutrient levels and pH than traditional soil farming. Water usage is generally more efficient in hydroponics since the nutrient solution is recirculated and reused. Soil requires tillage and mulching, while hydroponics needs regular cleaning and maintenance of the nutrient reservoir and tubes. while cultivating Okra in hydroponics system, you need to set up a the system including a nutrient reservoir, pump, and tubes. Use a balanced nutrient solution specifically formulated for okra. Ensure adequate aeration and oxygenation of the roots. Regularly check and adjust pH and temperature levels. Clean the system regularly to prevent buildup of salts and bacteria.

Posted by: Fekadu Tafesse (6 points) Fekadu Tafesse
Posted: February 29, 2024

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