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la maladie de la tomate

Tomato    Kindia,Guinea

pouriture du colet en état de fructification

Asked by: Mohamed bangoura (1 point)   Posted: January 3, 2021

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elocust 3m login issue

Desert Locust forecasting    Isiolo County, Kenya

how to update and reach at the county Locust report (scout)

Asked by: Abdi Tadicha Dando (1 point)   Posted: December 28, 2020

2 answers    118 views

Okra    Parcelles Assainies,Senegal

quelle est le rendement de Okra Clemsons sur 900 m² ? si les conditions optimales sont réunies.

Asked by: THIAM Oumar (1 point)   Posted: December 24, 2020

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comment fonctionne la FAO ?

PlantVillage    N'Zérékoré-Centre,Guinea


Asked by: tamba Jacques millimono (1 point)   Posted: December 13, 2020

1 answer    79 views
How farmers deal with pesticides?

Locusts    New York

Farmers have to go through many process. I would like to know how farmers deal with loctus?

Asked by: Emily Burger (1 point)   Posted: December 8, 2020

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push pull FAW management

General    Matabeleland South,Zimbabwe

What has the experience like on farmers who are practicing push pull technology in FAW management

Asked by: Jephias (1 point)   Posted: December 4, 2020

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does Nuru support east asia countries?

PlantVillage    Sri Lanka

Crop behaviour, conditions varies in east asia region. We wonder how to adapt this app around the region.

Asked by: dasun (1 point)   Posted: November 24, 2020

2 answers    138 views
Why does the base / stem of my aloe plants want to fall to the side and curl around

Aloe vera    South Carolina

No matter how often I repot my aloe plants I find myself having to prop them up or the fall off to the side of the pot - or when in a large pot the fall on their side - and then they begin to curl. The aloe in the photos was repotted about 18 - 24 months ago. I rotate the pot so it gets...

Asked by: Melanie Davis (1 point)   Posted: November 22, 2020

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citrus tree

General    Harvey, United States

Deasease on my citrus tree can anybody identify it.

Asked by: carlos (1 point)   Posted: November 22, 2020

0 answers    102 views

General    Australia

How do I fix brown leaves on my celery plant

Asked by: Nick (1 point)   Posted: November 20, 2020

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Area, production, productivity of sunflower 2020 india, Karnataka, world data

Big Data in Agriculture    Bengaluru,India

Asked by: Shabana Nadaf (1 point)   Posted: October 25, 2020

0 answers    152 views
Artificial Intelligence not functioning

PlantVillage    Oyo,Nigeria

Nuru unable to detect damage

Asked by: Kemi (1 point)   Posted: October 20, 2020

1 answer    117 views
Bacteria Blight

Cowpea    Kaura,Nigeria

there is some burn on the leaves, I want to know how to get rid of it

Asked by: ZAYYAD JA'AFAR (1 point)   Posted: October 20, 2020

1 answer    121 views
what could this be?

Image Database    Kilifi,Kenya

My tomatoes exhibit some scalding at the base of the fruit

Asked by: walta (1 point)   Posted: October 19, 2020

1 answer    143 views
Can we use elocust3m to track the African Migratory Locust outbreaking in Zambia?

PlantVillage    Zambia

Can we use elocust3m to track the African Migratory Locust outbreaking in Zambia ?

Asked by: Paul Wagstaff (1 point)   Posted: October 15, 2020

2 answers    110 views
How to can i download Mango leaf disease datasets

PlantVillage    India

I need Mango leaf disease for my project ..Kindly help me please

Asked by: pankaj (1 point)   Posted: October 12, 2020

0 answers    142 views
spekboom - disease?

General    Cape Town, South Africa

I was hoping someone in this group could help me identify what is wrong with the leaves of this plant?

Asked by: Kebo (1 point)   Posted: October 11, 2020

0 answers    206 views

General    Sandton, South Africa

Leaves are getting brown spots. Not sure if I’m over watering or underwatering them

Asked by: lisa (1 point)   Posted: October 8, 2020

1 answer    106 views
Mango New leaves deforming

Mango    South Africa

The new leaves on my mango tree is deforming and developing cuts

Asked by: Ahmed (1 point)   Posted: October 6, 2020

1 answer    123 views
Leaf curl

Lemon    South Africa

My orange tree leaves are curling. I have sprayed copper based fungiside.

Asked by: Ahmed (1 point)   Posted: October 6, 2020

1 answer    109 views
Chilli plant problem

Chilli Pepper    Pakistan

I have grown chilli plants but their leaves are curling and one of them is an adult plant and all of its young flowers are falling and its leaves are also falling off. I have noticed spiders in my garden is it due to them or some other reason. I have attached picture as well.

Asked by: Maarij Raza (1 point)   Posted: October 6, 2020

1 answer    101 views
This one is an adult plant.
Matured plant

Cucumber    Nakuru, Kenya

My cucumber during harvest are considered wrotten what might be the cause?

Asked by: Daniel Labatt (1 point)   Posted: October 1, 2020

0 answers    96 views
Pawpaw problem

Papaya (pawpaw)    New Abirem,Ghana

There is yellowing of young leaves on my pawpaw. What's causing this problem please?

Asked by: Simon Tee (1 point)   Posted: September 30, 2020

0 answers    131 views
Please help me treat my pepper

Pepper, bell    Rice Bacterial blight    Cameroon

Hi, I have a small gardern with pepper plants. But out of a sudden, the leaves have coiled, and growth is stunted. I am really worried, and I don't know how to treat the plant and make it recover. Please help me. Thanks

Asked by: Adze (1 point)   Posted: September 27, 2020

1 answer    132 views
This is an image of one of the plant.
Paw paw disease

General    Tanzania

I don't known tish disease the causes and management of the disease

Asked by: Faheem (1 point)   Posted: September 23, 2020

1 answer    150 views
Paw paw plant affected

PlantVillage    Aranyaprathet, Thailand

My Cassava farm at cambodia. all farm have this problem a lot. so how to solve it? Pleas

Asked by: Pann Dita (1 point)   Posted: September 20, 2020

1 answer    111 views
symptoms of black rot, causative agent as well as signs and its management

Potato    Tanzania

symptoms of black rot, causative agent as well as signs and its management

Asked by: Emmanuel Marco Bugwigwi (1 point)   Posted: September 16, 2020

1 answer    111 views
التطبيق يخرج عن العمل احينا

PlantVillage    Giza,Egypt

اثناء استخدام التطبيق فجأة يغلق التطبيق

Asked by: Ahmed Abdelwahed (1 point)   Posted: September 12, 2020

1 answer    93 views
Avocado leaves turning brown

Avocado    Pakistan

My avocado leaves are turning brown on the edges, I have sprayed a very dilute broad spectrum fungicide/miticide and tried to flush any salts as well. Its planted in well drained coco-peat and has very low quantity of fertilizer at the base. Appreciate your help

Asked by: Dawood (1 point)   Posted: September 11, 2020

1 answer    183 views
papaya leaves getting yellowish. Used fungicides as shown below. Not received considerable result. please help.

Papaya (pawpaw)    Nepal

Hello All Please help me solve my problem as mentioned above.

Asked by: Purna Lama (1 point)   Posted: September 10, 2020

0 answers    188 views
papaya leaf in my farm.
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