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How can i manage leaf miner in tomatoes and capsicum?

Posted by: Stephen (2 points) Stephen
Posted: October 19, 2023


hello You can try this . Sticky Traps: Yellow sticky traps can help capture adult leaf miners, preventing them from laying eggs on your plants. Place these traps around your garden. .organic options can be effective against leaf miners use of Neem oil and insecticidal soap solution . Avoid planting tomatoes and peppers in the same location every year. Crop rotation can help reduce the buildup of leaf miner populations in the soil Systemic insecticides can be used . Imidacloprid is an example of a systemic insecticide, but its use should be carefully considered due to its potential impact on pollinators , However, this should be a last resort if the other methods have failed and should be used according to label instructions victor

Posted by: Victor Malimani (1 point) Victor Malimani
Posted: October 24, 2023

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