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Yellow spots on blueberry leaves

Blueberry    None Given

I have 30+ year old blueberry bushes that have yellow spots on the leaves. I have over 300 bushes and it's almost time for people to come out and pick the berries. Do you know what this is, is it dangerous to be eaten and how do I treat them?

Asked by: patricia (1 point)   Posted:May 6, 2016

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My blueberry plant
Leaves are turning yellow and drying out

Blueberry    NYC

Can someone tell me what is going on withy blueberry plant? All summer the leaves were nice and green, but the past couple of weeks they are turning yellow, curling up and drying up. What is happening? Is this normal? If not, how to help it?

Asked by: michelle (5 points)   Posted:September 8, 2015

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How do prune blueberries?

Blueberry    None Given

How are blueberries pruned? What do I do with the strong fast growing cane or the original branches? They look quite different. Thanks!

Asked by: Mara macs (1 point)   Posted:May 15, 2016

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How do I plant blueberry.

Blueberry    PA

I would like to add some blueberries to my garden but I'm not sure how to plant them, or when. What is the optimum soil pH for blueberry? How can I prepare the soil for planting them? Is it best to plant in spring?

Asked by: Michelle Hay (1 point)   Posted:April 7, 2013

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Hard matter inside blueberries

Blueberry    None Given

Both myself and my neighbors are having a problem with something that seems to be laying eggs on the newly developing blueberry resulting in a firm mass inside the blueberry almost the size of the BB. Many of the blueberries look normal and others have a slight indentation. I would estimate it...

Asked by: Jean (1 point)   Posted:July 23, 2017

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yellow patches with brown spots
Gardenia leaves turing brown with yellow patches

Blueberry    None Given

Hello I have a Gardenia plant in a pot indoor, recently am seeing that their new leaves are turning yellowish with brown patches that develop into a brown leave and it fall. The gardenia is not flowering, I have been adding some coffee grounds and every 15 days am watering it with a gerdenia...

Asked by: Charbel (1 point)   Posted:July 5, 2017

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Can my blueberry plant be saved?

Blueberry    NYC

My blueberry plant was so beautiful last summer; lots of branches, leaves and a few berries since it was the first year I brought it home. This summer it looks quite sad. I think the harsh winter we had in NYC may have killed part of it. Can it be saved? What can I do to help it? Will it be...

Asked by: michelle (5 points)   Posted:July 16, 2014

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What can I plant under blueberry plants?

Blueberry    northern California

One of my community garden plots came with a blueberry plant, and I liberated a couple blueberries I've been growing in containers to join it. But now I'm looking at lots of understory space, and I'm wondering what's been successful under blueberries. I also have a few more blueberries I'm...

Asked by: Tanya in the Garden (128 points)   Posted:May 22, 2013

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Blueberry plants with white webs encasing rolled leaves

Blueberry    Washington

Several of my 12 blueberry plants have numerous white webs encasing rolled leaves, usually near dried berry flowers. Still producing numerous berries. I need help identifying this pest. My local extension could not.

Asked by: Mary (1 point)   Posted:June 15, 2019

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