World Bank event and NURU testing in IITA

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Hi all We are having a busy week here. I spent Monday and Tuesday in DC at the World Bank Annual Agriculture meeting. We got to share our work with field officers from the bank who are stationed across the world. We unveiled our AI assistant NURU which people were really impressed with. Still in the beta version but the potential is extremely high and people recognized that which is great. At the same time I was chatting the team in Tanzania (team leader, Amanda Ramcharan, engineer Pete McCloskey and undergraduate Annalyse Kehs) were running Nuru through her paces and testing her against the excellent team at IITA, Tanzania (team Leader, James Legg, graduate student Latifa Mrisho and technician Neema Mbilinyi) . This has been excellent so far and Nuru is rapidly increasing her ability More details to follow david
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