PlantVillage Coffee AI set to increase coffee production in Uganda.

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Farmers in Central Uganda are set to record a boost in their production level due to embracing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) program incorporated in PlantVillage Nuru App to detect various diseases affecting coffee plants.

This is due to a positive change noted in most farms in Masaka, Mpingi and Kalungu district. The coffee AI development in Uganda started in March 2022 which involved collection of diseased and healthy coffee leaves by Cultiva Dream team members.

In a bid to ensure African farmers become profitable enterprises the organization introduced close to 1,000 farmers in the region to the use of Nuru App which has helped them identify common diseases in coffee plants such as Leafrust affecting leaves and Redblister which affects berries.

PlantVillage has also enabled proximity of advisory services by training farmers on diseases and pest affecting coffee plantations and measures of controlling them to ensure maximum production levels.

The technology in Nuru app has been embraced by Ugandan farmers and agricultural experts, who have commended its human friendliness nature and learned how to simply download it from the Google Playstore and execute the functions.

Mr. Kazibwe Edward, Robusta coffee farmer in Mpingi affirmed that the coffee AI is a real time solution that will aid in mitigating diseases affecting his coffee plantation. Ms. Namare Joan, government extension office observed that the AI will simplify her work since farmers will adapt to the technology to increase their production.

PlantVillage intends to further develop the AI to enable Nuru App detect various diseases and pests like coffee wilt disease, coffee twig borer, berry borer and nutrients deficiency on coffee leaves.

Promise Owamaani

Cultiva Dream team Extension Officer.

By Emmy Neema.

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