PlantVillage Uganda achieves remarkable growth a year after inception

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In just one year since its inception, PlantVillage Dream Team Uganda has achieved an astonishing milestone, conducting a record-breaking 10,636 crop surveys using the innovative PlantVillage Nuru application.

PlantVillage Uganda achieves remarkable growth a year after inception

Comprising 18 dedicated officers, PlantVillage Dream Team Uganda has played a pivotal role in harnessing data-driven solutions to revolutionize agriculture and uplift local farmers, making strides to rival the already established program in Kenya.

Expanding their footprint across five key districts, namely Serere and Soroti in the east, and Mpigi, Kalungu, and Masaka in the central region, PlantVillage Uganda has successfully extended their services to cater to the needs of farmers in these areas.

To accommodate the increasing workload and growing number of farmers seeking their expertise, PlantVillage smartly expanded the team by seven members, all fresh graduates from local universities with a strong agricultural background.

The impact of the PlantVillage Dream Team has been nothing short of remarkable. Their activities encompass pest and disease surveillance, offering vital climate change adaptation advice, agronomy insights, and agribusiness guidance to smallholder farmers. Additionally, their data collection efforts have facilitated groundbreaking research and innovation within the PlantVillage ecosystem.

It is evident that technology-driven agricultural solutions are empowering farmers and cultivating a  brighter, more sustainable future for agriculture in the region.

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