PlantVillage Collaborates with Partners to Establish Solar Powered Irrigation System in Kilifi, Kenya

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By leveraging technology and collaborative partnerships, PlantVillage is not only improving agricultural productivity but also building resilience in communities vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.

PlantVillage Collaborates with Partners to Establish Solar Powered Irrigation System in Kilifi, Kenya

In partnership with the Rotary Club, the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and Pwani University, PlantVillage has successfully established a solar-powered irrigation system in Kaya Godoma in Ganze Sub-County in Kilifi County, Kenya, to address the problem of hunger and famine by enhancing agricultural productivity.


Covering a quarter-acre parcel, the system utilizes wick capillaries, moist beds and biochar to cultivate a variety of fruits and vegetables, ensuring sustainable agriculture practices.


The solar energy equipment efficiently pumps water through a network of pipes to the designated irrigation site, providing a reliable water source for crops.


A joint effort involving teams from PlantVillage, the Rotary Club, JKUAT, Pwani University and community members has been instrumental in executing essential tasks such as trenching, land preparation, and infrastructure installation.


The initiative represents one of many projects initiated by PlantVillage to address climate-related issues in Kenya's arid and semi-arid lands (ASALs) region, highlighting a commitment to sustainable development.


Beyond its immediate agricultural benefits, the project serves as a platform for capacity-building, particularly among women and youth, fostering community empowerment and resilience.


Moreover, the adoption of solar-powered technology not only ensures environmental sustainability but also alleviates water scarcity, significantly reducing the burden on local residents who previously had to trek long distances in search of water sources.


“Farmers around here used to trek 560 meters in search of water, but they are now glad that they can access it freely using this pump,” observed Agnes Kadzo, a PlantVillage officer overseeing the project.


The irrigation site is now cultivating cowpeas to gauge its productivity. Once the crop reaches maturity, the nutritious vegetables will be made available for sale to the local community.

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