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It's always growing season at PlantVillage! Even though we just launched less than a month ago, the user base and the number of contributions are growing rapidly. At the same time, PlantVillage itself is growing up - both in terms of content, and in terms of the features that we're adding. We've just added four new plants: (Anise)[] (Bergamot)[] (Black Pepper)[] (Cassava, or Manioc)[] which brings our total of plants to 88. We're also adding a new feature that we think will help people find great answers even faster: the ability to select an answer as the most helpful. This is a feature that is available to anyone asking questions: if you've asked a question on PlantVillage, you may choose - at any time - which of these answers, if any, was the most helpful to you. You can always change your mind later on, for example if an even more helpful answer comes along. Whatever your choice, it will be clearly visible to others, as answers chosen as most helpful will get a blue ribbon attached to them: [[image-1]thumb]What's important to know is that for any question, the first answer to be chosen as most helpful will add 2 points to the reputation of the person who provided the answer. We think that this will do a couple of things: First, it will provide to those who posted a question an easy way to say "thank you" with an action, rather than with words. Second, we hope that it will encourage people to provide answers as soon as they can, because the earlier an answer is provided, the higher the chance of getting selected as the best answer, and of getting the extra points. Finally, we hope that this helps people to identify those questions that still urgently need attention. As always, we cordially invite you to use the (PlantVillage forum)[] to provide feedback on new features, or request features that you would like to see added.
The blue ribbon for the most helpful answer
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