Mr. Dunclapperton Omeru Memoir

Posted on January 21, 2020


PlantVillage Nuru is saddened by the sudden demise of late Mr. Dunclapperton Omeru on 10th January 2020 and would like to express our deep condolences to the family of the deceased, who will be laid to rest on 24th January 2020.

Mr. Omeru worked with PlantVillage as a seed entrepreneur since last year in Busia County Kenya. He came across as a very active and spirited person who took part in reaching out to other farmers to educate them on crop diseases and other agricultural services.  He was also a community health volunteer around Munongo village and helped as a caregiver to support children to acquire primary education. He will be remembered fondly by those who got to know him.

Let the Lord bless his family and give them the strength to sail through this tough time. As PlantVillage, we have the family in our thoughts and prayers.

by Mercyline Tata and family.

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