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Digital connectivity is vital in maintaining relations especially now with Covid_19 pandemic. PlantVillage has enforced work at home policy by operating virtually through mobile technologies. There is regular updates between staffs located in different countries via constant zoom call meetings. Also, the Dream team members’ makes regular phone calls to farmers to advise them on various agricultural aspects and how to use our mobile phone products.

PlantVillage has invented ways to work with farmers through mobile technologies. Some of these products include;

elocust3M application

Desert locust pose a major threat to food security in Kenya with scientist warning of the increase in locust population size by June this year. PlantVillage is helping the Kenyan government to trace the location of these desert locust and the direction they are heading to.

PlantVillage has developed elocust3M app in conjunction with FAO. The app is effective in collecting data on locations and stages of desert locust .This information is used to determine the nature of intervention to employ; hand spraying, vehicle or aerial.

PlantVillage has engaged the community in Samburu County to help with the fight against locust and report observation. Passionate young individuals are on board with helping others during the locust crisis amidst Covid_19. Locust crisis is severely impacting farmers and the pastoralist community. The pest is clearing vegetation forcing farmers to move with their animals to other places in search of pasture.

PlantVillage is urging the community to use the elocust3M app available on google play store to conduct locust surveys so as to help the government control this pest.

PlantVillage Nuru application

PlantVillage Nuru is an offline application that diagnoses crops diseases in real time and provide advice on how to control the pest and diseases. Farmers can use NURU, an artificial intelligence to scan cassava and maize leaves for any signs of pest or diseases damage.

With the ongoing planting season, farmers can use PlantVillage Nuru app to scout maize field for invasion of the evasive fall armyworm pest that attacks maize. Nuru offer advice on how to control this pest.

PlantVillage Nuru app is available on google play store and can be accessed in different languages.

SMS platform (20307)

PlantVillage is working with farmers in Kenya to improve the SMS platform. Farmers can send questions about farming and they receive expert answers or follow-up calls. Farmers can also receive weekly weather updates for their regions.

Farmers can subscribe to the SMS platform by texting the word ‘’join’’ or “jiunge’’ to 20307.



Written By;Mercyline Tata

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