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We're excited to announce that we just rolled out a major new feature: badges. Badges is PlantVillage's way of showing others how much you have contributed, and how much the community valued your contributions. You can get badges for providing answers, questions, comments; for getting picked as the provider of most helpful answers; for participating in the community by voting; etc. [[image-1]medium]Badges come in three levels: level 1 (brown), level 2 (green), and level 3 (gold). Level 1 badges are awarded to contributors who are just starting out. Level 2 badges are awarded to contributors who are regularly participating in the community. Level 3 badges are awarded to advanced contributors who have a participated substantially over extended periods of time. It's important to note that badges are awarded automatically - and thus completely objectively - by the system whenever a contributor meets certain criteria (e.g. when the number of answers provided exceeds a threshold). Some of you might see a lot of notifications in your Notification Center - that's because we've gone back and looked at your contributions you've made in the past, and we have given you the corresponding badges all at once. We hope you like the badges - we think it's a great way to tell others about your contributions here on PlantVillage. So, not only are you helping others grow their own food, now there's an easy way to show the world. Thank you so much for being a PlantVillager!
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