Successful Behaviour Change Story of Amos Ejakati

Posted on June 10, 2020

Amos Ejakati is a farmer with PlantVillage Nuru from Amagoro, Keng’atunyi Sub Location, Malaba South Ward in Busia County. He plants different crops like maize, banana, sweat potato and cassava.

Amos is devoted in ensuring the community within embrace change in their Cassava farming.

His Cassava farming has progressed ever since he learnt more about cassava and its pest and diseases from PlantVillage. He plants Mygeria and MK94 variety.

‘’Initially I got cassava cuttings from my neighbors’ farm but most of it were infected and rotten. Now I am able to scan my cassava farm using PlantVillage Nuru application on my phone for clean cuttings. With my knowledge, I can also identify the diseases through looking at the leaves. Most importantly is to rouge out infected cassava to avoid spread of diseases to other tubers.’’

Amos yields and profits have skyrocket since he harvested high amount of healthy tubers. He recently made a profit of ksh 45000.

Amos advices farmers to avoid acquiring infected cuttings from neighbors. ‘’Only buy certified cassava cuttings from Kalro or seed entrepreneurs like me who have knowledge and tools to detect cassava pest and diseases.’’

Amos sells his cassava cuttings at Ksh 500 per bag through phone advertisements. He also sells through women’s groups and barazas. He also sells 1kg of fresh tubers at ksh6 to cooperative in Tangakona.

‘’My life has changed since my harvest. When I got that money I bought a cow, continued building my house and payed school fees.‘’


Written By;Mercyline Tata


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