Cassava variety

Cassava (manioc)    Kenya

Are you familiar with the Tajirika variety of cassava grown in coastal Kenya?

What are the common diseases to look out for regarding this variety?

Posted by: Lillian (2 points) Lillian
Posted: July 21, 2023


Am not so much familiar with the variety since it's not yet in Uganda here but what I know tajirika variety of cassava is resistant to CBSD and CMD but brown leaf spot and blight can still affect it

Posted by: Agudo Josephine (1 point) Agudo Josephine
Posted: July 21, 2023

Agudo Josephine commented,
Thank you but are my right
10 months ago.

charles ouma commented,
I'm not sure if it's resilient or not we have not seen it yet
9 months ago.

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