How will I know when my green beans are done producing?

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I would like to plant a fall garden and I have limited space. I don't see hardly any little beans hanging on my green bean bushes so I'm wondering if they are finished. Can I pull the bushes and plant more?

Posted by: JoLyn Graf (1 point) JoLyn Graf
Posted: July 22, 2013


Yes, the bush type beans will have a relatively short production period. You can plant more now in the same place as long as you haven't had any disease problems. In future seasons, you can provide a pretty continuous crop of bush beans by allowing space to plant a few new rows every 2-3 weeks for the first half of summer or so. You can also pop them in as spring/cool season crops leave space when they're finished, such as spinach, radishes, etc.

Posted by: Joan Allen (6 points) Joan Allen
Posted: July 23, 2013

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Thank you!
over 10 years ago.

The main difference between pole beans and bush beans is that the bush beans usually produce all at the same time, and they only grow about knee-high. This is good for people who freeze and can them, so they can do a good batch all at once.

Pole beans climb (poles, fences, trellises), start producing, and as long as you keep them picked, they continue to produce until they tire out or frost comes. Pole beans are good for fresh eating, because you can pick enough for a couple of meals, then come back in a day or two for more (but you can still freeze or can them). If you fail to keep them picked, the plant gets the message that it's time to stop flowering and producing, and they start maturing and ripening the beans that are still on the plant; if you let them continue, they will get dry and brittle and you can shell them, make sure they're very dry (not in the oven!), and store them to plant next year.

Posted by: FussyOldHen (16 points) FussyOldHen
Posted: July 24, 2013

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