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I wondered if I could trouble you for some advice about the best method of trellising pea plants. What is a good spacing for the slats on the trellis? and how can I train the plant properly up the trellis or safely tie it? I fear that the trellis I tried to use last year is unsuitable as the peas would snap if they got too tall

Posted by: Robyn (4 points) Robyn
Posted: April 2, 2013


I have used a roll of rabbit fencing cut and then bent into 2ft diameter circles (cages). The rabbit fencing was 36" tall with the first 2 feet having wires about every inch and the last foot wires every 3 inches. They support themselves and might need a stake once the peas train up them and start catching more wind.

So I would just toss a circular cage onto the ground and plant peas all around the inside and outside of the circle letting them do their own climbing.

Posted by: Wurgulf (45 points) Wurgulf
Posted: April 3, 2013

Robyn commented,
Sorry it took so long to reply! This may do the trick!
over 7 years ago.

Wurgulf commented,
No worries, and good luck on the peas
over 7 years ago.

a good rule of thumb for a pea trellis is to leave a space the width of your slat between each slat (about an inch and a half to two inches). Personally I love the look of a trellis but find setting up rows of chicken wire on the back side of your row is the easiest and least expensive way to grow peas and they have a much easier time climbing the wire. Peas are natural climbers that send out curly green tendrils which wrap around anything nearby so you really don't have to train them, if you plant them on the north side of your trellis the plants will grow towards the sun and naturally entwine themselves.If you're interested in square foot gardening then you can guide the tendrils by wrapping them onto your trellis wherever you'd like it to grow. Hope this helps

Posted by: J.D. Archer (31 points) J.D. Archer
Posted: April 2, 2013

Robyn commented,
Yes I think the spaces between the slats were too wide for my plants and they were getting broken by strong winds. Thank you so much, very helpful
over 7 years ago.

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