Unknown Japenese (?) Plant

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My friend brought me a packet of seeds from her trip to Japan. The packet is labeled Shiso, but when my friend saw them she said they weren't shiso, and she'd never seen anything like them before. Which then leads to the question - what the heck is it?

It grows in bunches from a deep, carrot like tap root that has a similar scent to a carrot but greener. The stems emerge from the root in the same way carrot fronds do. The stems grow 18-24 inches high. Leaves are edible (I've been using them in salads and stir fries) but get tougher as the summer goes on. It hasn't shown any signs of flowering or going to seed, despite the 90+ degree heat.

I've attached pictures of the root, a close up of the leaf, and a shot of the stem. Any guesses as to what this could be?

Posted by: Molly (1 point) Molly
Posted: August 9, 2015

Susan League, UF/IFAS Sumter Program Assistant commented,
Hi, Molly. What is the flavor when you cook it? Is it minty or fennel-like?
over 5 years ago.

Molly commented,
Mystery plant does not taste minty or fennel-y.... the leaves just taste, I don't know, green? And the roots are just a mild green taste. Maybe vaguely parsnip-y?
over 5 years ago.


Possibly daikon? Try a google image search to compare and see what you think. It's a member of the radish family, very popular in Japanese cuisine

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: August 10, 2015

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