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Why can't I find the details image database of soybean? It was there previously with lots of images. Can you please upload those images?

Posted by: apa (1 point) apa
Posted: June 26, 2017

apa commented,
I didn't get any reply.. Can you please send the database of soybean to my mail id aparajita.xaviers@gmail.com
about 3 years ago.

Amanda commented,
Our site is going through some changes and at the moment the images are not available from PlantVillage.org. But the images are still open access and available to the community. The licence is Creative Commons 3.0 Share and Share Alike.

We are still figuring out a way to make them easy for people to access. In the meantime people can just let David Hughes know (plantvillage.group@gmail.com) what images you want and we will put them in a dropbox folder for you.

about 3 years ago.


the database of images is not accessible through the site anymore. We intend to put it back up but meanwhile you are welcome to email me dph14@psu.edu to get them

Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: June 27, 2017

apa commented,
Thank you David & plant village
about 3 years ago.

Danilo Almeida commented,
I sent the email and I have not received a response yet. Thanks!
about 3 years ago.

apa commented,
I sent you the email 3 months ago but I haven't got any reply..can you please send me the database of soybean leaves. my email id is :

almost 3 years ago.

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