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I want to get potato leaves, tomato leaves, and orchid leaves datasets. Probably, i want to get all leaves datasets. Where i am find? Can give me link? Please help me!Thanks a lot!
My email is yoonthirizaw83@gmail.com

Posted by: YOON (1 point) YOON
Posted: September 28, 2017


We at PlantVillage can no longer host the images or provide them to people. We had intended to do this after the website changed and the previously hosted images were removed. But it has become clear that this is a major expense that we cannot currently afford. We also cannot afford the staff time to reply to individuals to make available datasets.

We are constantly looking at ways to increase our income so we can provide images. PlantVillage is not for profit.

Posted by: Kelsee Baranowski (3 points) Kelsee Baranowski
Posted: September 29, 2017

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