What are this black spots/disease On My Broccoli Sprout?

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I've noticed that approximately 20% of my broccoli sprouts have black spots on the leaves.

I have uploaded a picture of these black spots on a broccoli sprout.

Does anyone know what are these black spots? And, if it is still safe to consume these sprouts? (As it is difficult to sort from the other sprouts which do not have visible spots).

Is this Alternaria leaf spot or aspergillus black mold?

Many thanks for your time :)

Posted by: Kevin ng (1 point) Kevin ng
Posted: March 17, 2018


Blackleg is the condition, it's a fungal disease that causes the sprout to rot.
Remove and destroy the inflected plant's immediately

Posted by: Jasper (1 point) Jasper
Posted: May 17, 2019

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