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I have been farming guavas for the last 20 yrs or so with no problems
, but this years something possibly nasty has turned up.I was wondering
if you would be able to help me diagnose this problem which seems
extensive throughout guava crop--I am starting guava( fresh fruit
market) harvest next week and are unable to tell affected fruit without
dissecting -collected some few already ripe Guavas to make guava
jelly- when halving I found a hard dry center -no sign of insect or
larvae or eggs - external search showed no obvious holes or disease
-a few small green fruit on the trees show beginning signs of the
same.Outside of the hard center the flesh seems unaffected.I should also
mention there are all stages of fruit development on most trees (ripe
fruit ready to drop and still some flowers) any help or ideas for future
remedy would be greatly appreciated.-also ,no sprays of any kind have
been used on the trees over the last twenty years(except a neem oil
spray approx. 6 yrs ago)--everybody here in SA seem clueless on this.I
may have to abandon this crop but need a remedy for next year.
the two attached photos may help.
If you are unable to help, do you know any references or contacts that
may be of use.

many thanks for any help

regards Guy Ward.

Winkie SA

Posted by: guy ward (1 point) guy ward
Posted: March 27, 2018

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