Coconut Palms Are Sick and Need HELP

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I need HELP with my new coconut palms. They are really sick and I would be MOST appreciative of your help!

I lived in the US all of my life and have had MANY palms for over 10 years. None of my palms ever got sick.
Now that I have retired this is what I am plagued with. PLEASE give me some guidance.

I am willing to pay you for your services. I just do not want to lose my plants.

Thank you!!!


ps... I have been recommended to use:
malathion 500g/kg
acetamiprid 200g/kg and buprofezin 200g/kg
acephate 750 g/kg

I do not trust that I have been given good info as everything here is a bit backwards and people only want your money

Posted by: George (1 point) George
Posted: November 10, 2018


Hi George
You live in a very different climate now and the pressures are much higher. Your coconuts have both fungal infection (the brown spots on the fronds) and insect infestation. The insects appear to be plant sucking insects (called hempipterans) which excrete sugar on the leaves and this has lead to other fungi growing. The insects often produce the fluffy material.

Although this all looks bad your plants might not be in too much trouble. They have lots of leaves and are making food. Plants can tolerate such foliar pests quite well. Before napalming the tree I would recommend a soil test to see if the soil is suitable for cocounts. If the trees dont have good nutrients then the stress is hard to overcome.

I would also suggest not spraying and encouraging local natural enemies that would eat the hemipterans.

Soapy water sprays are also a good way remove plant-sucking insects (as they have a waxy cuiticle and soap breaks that down)

No charge. But there is a yellow donate button on every pages and donations are welcome :)


Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: November 10, 2018

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