Five landscaping tips for all gardens

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Your homeowner's association neighbors won't mind either
One of the most obvious benefits of living in an HOA community is that it helps preserve property value in the neighborhood. Most HOAs enforce appearance guidelines through the HOA Management Company for homes and community areas, which means that in most settings, your neighborhood is kept in good repair and attractive to residents. residents and guests.

But even in an HOA community, homeowners still have some control over how they maintain the exterior of their home and property. It's safe to say that most homeowners, whether they want to sell their home in the near future or plan to stay for years to come, want it to keep looking its best. Landscaping plays a big role in that. We have put together a list of 5 simple ways you can increase your home's value with landscaping improvements. And in the meantime, you will also improve the appearance of your neighborhood!

Add potted plants
What better way to add some color and variety to the exterior of your home than with potted plants? Outdoor pots are great because they are mobile and fairly easy to care for. Add potted plants to your porch, driveway, or other hallways (in accordance with HOA policies, of course) where the business enters your home. Gardeners don't have to go broke either! Save money by opting for resin planters over concrete or ceramic planters. Or you can even recycle plant pots from thrift stores with the help of a little spray paint.

Make your porch attractive
Depending on what your HOA allows, consider adding a cozy doormat, an elegant door garland, or even chairs or swings with comfortable, colorful cushions. Everyone in the neighborhood loves to see a porch that seems to say "welcome home" instead of "stay away!"

Add lighting
Landscape lighting can take the look of your garden to a whole new level. There are a myriad of options for exterior lighting depending on what your HOA statutes allow and what fits your budget. A well-lit patio is an effective safety feature too! If wired garden lighting isn't the best option for your garden or your budget, you might even consider solar-powered accent lighting placed around pathways or specific landscape features. These types of solar garden lighting kits can be found in almost any large store and are a cheaper way to add accent lighting to your garden.

Plant Shrubs and Trees
Some shrubs and trees can go a long way to make your yard look lush and inviting. This can also be a good way to add privacy to your home and property. Adding greenery to your garden doesn't always mean extensive maintenance either. There are many options for trees and shrubs that look great without requiring a lot of affection. Be sure to review the HOA guidelines on varieties that are not allowed before you make your purchase and especially before planting your new shrubs or trees.

Add fresh mulch
If your garden has planting areas that the HOA does not maintain, adding a new layer of mulch can do wonders to turn a tired and boring garden into one that looks attractive and well-kept. New mulch is fairly inexpensive, which means you'll get a good bang for your buck from this landscape improvement. Also, there are a variety of shades and textures you can choose from to best suit your home style.

Adding just one of these elements to your garden can take the look of your property from average to impressive. You will have the satisfaction of being proud of your home knowing that you have done your part to keep its value as high as possible. If you are served, your HOA management company will quickly come through your yard on compliance visits. And who knows, it might inspire your neighbors to do the same. Learn more from https://rototillerguy.com/

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Posted: February 9, 2021

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