Ag Observatory


The Ag Observatory is a tool developed by PlantVillage to enable the farmer's crops monitoring through the data collected by mobile phone. This monitoring tool will help to precisely assist and farmers by integrating the information provided by the farmers, the satellites, the AI, and agriculture experts.


What is Ag Observatory?

It is a content management system for people who work with farmers. In PlantVillage they are the Dream Team. But they could be:

  • Extension Workers. These are people who work for the Government and help farmers
  • Charities. They often work with groups of farmers.
  • Private companies. They can be companies like Pepsi Co who work with 50,0000 potato farmers for their Lays Chips. Or companies who provide technological solutions to farmers. They could be tractors, pesticides etc

The content that is managed are details on Lead Farmers (LF) (who have smartphones) and Following Farmers (FF). The LF travel to a FF field and register that field. They give it a name and the PlantVillage Nuru app records the GPS. The LF might use of the tools such as Casssava Scout or FAW scout to check the plants.

Once registered we expect the LF to return and check in with the farm. This she can do by pressing a button on the app.

The content are also data we pull in from services like CHIRPS (precipitation). This is coming from outside and will come into Ag3. 




The Ag Observatory is designed to help organizations that work with farmers to have a free and reliable platform to interact and help farmers to increase their production and adapt to climate change.

  • Researchers
  • Extension Workers
  • Charities
  • Private companies


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