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Is it usual for potting soil to smell rotten?

General    PA

I have been out buying some gardening supplies today to get started growing some seeds and I bought a bag of Scott's potting soil. When I opened it up it smelled terrible, I don't even know how to describe it. It smelled rotten. There was definitely something like manure but it wasn't the...

Asked by: Karen Miller (2 points)   Posted:March 16, 2013

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California bay laurel leaves covered with black moldy looking substance
What are the symptoms of sudden oak death on bay laurel?

General    Northern California

I am an interested lay person, concerned about the spread of Phytophthera ramorum (sudden oak death) through California. Anyway, hiking near my home I decided to inspect the laurel trees, and say that some under a large black oak had really icky, moldy looking leaves. I know that P. Ramorum...

Asked by: Vanessa Dodge (3 points)   Posted:December 1, 2013

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Bittergourd showing spots on outer side making fruit mature early and ultimately rottening of fruit.
What's the problem with bittergourd fruit

General    None Given

Green fruit shows water soaked spots which ultimately turns to brown and fruit rottening Edit: added images

Asked by: Pankaj Paratey (1 point)   Posted:May 17, 2016

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Pumpkin or courgette?

General    UK England Kent

I've planted some pumpkin seeds and they have been out in the garden for some time now. The plants do not look the same some look like courgettes and the others are defo pumpkins can some one let me know if they are pumpkins or courgettes.

Asked by: Andrew (1 point)   Posted:July 21, 2014

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Where to get grafting wax?

General    State College, PA

I am going to do a bridge graft on one of my fruit trees, and I am trying to find some grafting wax. I only need a small amount since there is only 1 tree to repair and it is only about 5cm in diameter. Are there any suggestions for where I can find this in my area (State College,...

Asked by: Ruth Nissly (6 points)   Posted:April 16, 2014

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How to amend sandy soil to make it suitable for vegetable growing?

General    None Given

I would really like to grow vegetables in my garden but the soil is very sandy. How can I make it suitable for vegetable growing? Is there anything that would grow in the soil as it is?

Asked by: Jenny Robertson (2 points)   Posted:March 16, 2013

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Phone /electricity cables

General    None Given

I am in Cambodia and have just seen many dying palm trees with black leaves. Our guide explained that it is due to the close proximity of phone cables. Is there any truth in this?

Asked by: Helen Dyer (1 point)   Posted:September 10, 2016

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Cover plant for weed control


Hello Plant Village community, I'm looking for something to plant as cover along the borders of my farm, specifically next to the shared irrigation ditch (called an acequia) I can't plant trees or bushes next to the acequia, since it has to be cleaned by the community, and the rules prohibit...

Asked by: Bud Theisen (3 points)   Posted:September 27, 2013

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All my plants are turning yellow

General    MD

This is my first year gardening and I have planted some vegetables in a raised garden that I bought and made myself. I was trying to grow corn and squash along with some green beans. Everything was going ok I thought but now all my plants are turning yellow. Is this a disease? what can I do to...

Asked by: Mel (2 points)   Posted:August 12, 2013

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Which produce can I grow in Pennsylvania in a partial shade garden?


I am an amateur gardener with only about 3 or 4 years of experience. I have a yard with a small corner of full sun, but I'd like to make use of the rest of the area as well, which receives varying degrees of partial sunlight. I want to grow produce, not ornamental plants. So far I've tried...

Asked by: Miriam Stein (5 points)   Posted:March 1, 2013

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Unidentified seeds
Help in identifying unknown seed

General    State College, PA

I have a mixture of seeds from a seed packet labeled "European mesclun mix"...and I don't know what one of the seeds is for. The manufacturer lists that the mix contains -lettuce -radicchio -arugula -endive -orach -mizuna -and more! I am quite sure these seeds are not any of the first...

Asked by: Ruth Nissly (6 points)   Posted:April 17, 2014

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Black currant leaves
Black currant leaves turning yellow with brown edges

General    Canada

Hi, I'm putting this under general questions because there is no option for currant. Hopefully that can change with time. I planted a new orchard this spring and most everything is doing really well except for the black currants. They seem to be struggling, and I'm not sure what the cause...

Asked by: Jeremy Kirouac (3 points)   Posted:May 21, 2014

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Arabic Jasmine leaves turning yellow
Arabian Jasmine leaves turning yellow

General    None Given

Why would the leaves turn yellow? But it seems to bloom flowers well. Its facing afternoon sun. Used also a blooming fertilizer 20-20-20. Thanks 😉

Asked by: Lou Mar (1 point)   Posted:May 20, 2015

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How to fertilize Asimina triloba (PawPaw)?

General    None Given

I would like to know how to fertilize Asimina triloba. I have two plants and the seller told me not to fertilize it because fertilizer could kill it. But I read that it can be fertilized. For example I read that it can be fertilized the first year with 1 Oz of N per tree before bud-break,...

Asked by: Mirko (1 point)   Posted:July 7, 2016

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Can I reuse seeds from last year?

General    UK

While out in my shed looking for some seedling trays I discovered a few packets of seeds from last year that I had forgotten about. Can I sow them now or do the have a certain shelf life? There's some nice peas there I wouldn't mind planting more of.

Asked by: Robyn (4 points)   Posted:March 23, 2013

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Adding perlite to clay soil


Hi. I have been trying to do some research on what I should/could add to my heavy clay soil to try make more permeable. The soil is completely flooded today after a heavy downpour. I have been interested by what I have been reading about perlite and thought I'd best ask some advice before I go...

Asked by: Megan Long (3 points)   Posted:August 28, 2013

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Can I add coffee grounds directly to my soil?


A friend of mine says that you can just toss coffee grounds out onto the soil as a way of composting but I am not so sure about this. I thought coffee was very acidic, will that not harm my plants? can they absorb the coffee through their roots?

Asked by: Stacey Cottrell (1 point)   Posted:February 26, 2013

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Cone type growth or shell growing on top of soil under basil and rosemary
What are these light brown shell/cone type things that are multiplying in the soil below my rosemary and basil plants?

General    Texas

Could these small light brown “shell” like cone shape things in the soil be killing my basil plants? Some are hard and dried out and others are soft and squeezable. Upon squeezing the soft ones, a white soft and almost rubbery thing emerges from each cone. Can you please help me identify these...

Asked by: Gina (1 point)   Posted:September 22, 2019

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Underside of leaves
My oregano plant has developed significant rust on its leaves just as it is ready to harvest.

General    None Given

I will strip most of the leaves before drying. Is it still safe to eat given their will still be some rust affected leaves in the final product.

Asked by: Frank Angarane (1 point)   Posted:December 19, 2016

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How can I amend heavy clay soil for vegetables


My husband has pulled up part of the back lawn at our new house to make way for a vegetable garden. Unfortunately we have a heavy clay soil and water just pools on it when it rains making big sticky puddles. With the strange weather this year this seems to happening a lot and the soil is getting...

Asked by: Megan Long (3 points)   Posted:August 15, 2013

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When should I fertilize and mulch transplanted seedlings?

General    NJ

This is something I never seem to get right. Should I fertilize directly after transplanting seedlings to the garden or hold off to let them establish? Also when is the correct time to apply straw mulch to the plants? Thank-you!

Asked by: Beth Johnson (2 points)   Posted:March 18, 2013

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Growing in plastic containers.

General    Pittsburgh pa

Would it be harmful to grow vegetables in plastic storage totes. I am concerned about leeching. This is my only option at present. Thanks.

Asked by: Cathy Ferree (1 point)   Posted:May 25, 2014

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Praying mantis for controlling pest in the vegetable garden

General    CT

Has anybody ever purchased praying mantis egg cases? If so, would you recommend them as a method of keeping pest populations under control in your vegetables? I often see them in seed catalogs and wonder if I should give them a try - they eat beneficials too though right?

Asked by: Rod Morrison (2 points)   Posted:April 30, 2013

5 answers    8159 views

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Do I need to add earthworms to new raised bed?

General    United Kingdom

Is it necessary to add worms to raised beds? I built the bed by layering cardboard an newspaper over a piece of lawn before I layered on the soil due to weed problems in my garden. It was a pretty thick layer which I assume will decompose given time but will worms find their way through quickly...

Asked by: Greg Coyle (3 points)   Posted:May 15, 2013

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Syzygium jambos(rose apple)
Big tree no fruits (rose apple)

General    Tirunelveli

The plant shown above was planted 5 years ago. It is in the 6th year of its growth. But there is no flowering yet. What is the reason? What should be done to initiate flowering in Syzygium jambos.

Asked by: Bharath Krishnan (1 point)   Posted:April 25, 2017

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How long is roundup effective?


I have lots of weeds in my garden, but I do not want to use chemicals. If I use roundup in the early spring when the weeds have just started, how long before this chemical is inert?

Asked by: Charlie (1 point)   Posted:August 3, 2013

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