How To Navigate Through PV Panels On Locust Map

Navigate to Home Page to access all panels

Begin by navigating to On the home page it'll allow you to create an account. 


Begin to locate "Locust Map" at the bottom of the page once login/ account is created. This will locate all panels used for Plant Village. 


Creation of an account allows access to all panels below. Nagivate to for more options. 



Observatory allows for a Database of lead farmers to take responsibility for detailing information of each farm and being able to message with farmers. The color meanings indicate diseases/ water stress on the plants being observed as a team. 


Observaratory is rarely used  but it allows a space for statistics/ data on what is being presented. This can include communicating with your team in terms of water stress on plants, abandoned plants etc. 

Farmers Contact

Farmer Contacts allows a database of connecting with farmers and and their phone numbers. 

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