PlantVillage has received funding from Schmidt Futures. Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google was influential in bringing OKRs as project management to Google during its early days. OKRs”  stands for Objectives and Key Results. PlantVillage received professional support from Raya Kuo and Ryan Burke on the development and deployment of OKRs.  We are now (Dec 2020) concluding our 1st full year of using OKRs. We want to share a little bit about that and to orientate new partners as they join us. 

PlantVillage and OKRs

PlantVillage uses OKR to guide our meetings. This mechanism allows to easily organized the multiple projects and collaborative projects that PlantVillage is carrying out with other organizations and research development groups. PlantVillage received professional guidance from Eric Schmidt’s Philanthropy (ex-Google CEO who introduced OKRs to Google) to develop and use OKRs. We currently (December 2020) run 34 scheduled OKR meetings each month across 12 countries. Here is a breakdown of the  just a few of our OKR meetings and countries involved:
Collaborators: CIP, IITA
Countries involved: USA, Peru, Tanzania, Kenya
Collaborators: IFPRI, University of Ghana, Tufts University, Thai Nguyen University of Pharmacy and Medicine in Viet Nam
Countries involved: USA, Ghana, Vietnam, Brazil
Countries involved: USA, Russia, Kenya, Burkina Faso 
"The OKR system helps us stay on track on all project tasks in an efficient and organized way.  Using OKRs continuously during our weekly meetings greatly helps clarify responsibilities and ownership of each task, and greatly reduces the risk of unexpected events or loose ends. It helps us to be specific about project goals, and holds all team members accountable in a fair and transparent way."
- IFPRI Team
Here is an example OKR meeting to give you a feeling of how it goes. 


OKRs google sheet template

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