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Alfonso Mateo Penas  

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Bio: I am a plant biologist with several years experience in plant and agronomic research and an extremely organized person who thrive sorting out things. I have worked as plant scientist, plant pathologist and content manager. I am familiar with plant picture databases and disease content creation in English, French and Spanish. I also have experience with crops cycles, fertilizer recommendations and best management practices during the handling of (bio)pesticides. I also have hands-on experience with the implementation of a public-private partnership(PPP) and the training of groups of young agronomists. I am now open to collaborate with Plant Village so....let´s talk!

Email :  affomateo@hotmail.com
Location: Berlin Germany Joined Date: January 16, 2019


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Project Pesticide Management
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January 17, 2019- Thank you David, let´s talk then! I will surf through your website to get familiar with it and...