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September 20, 2013- Thank you for your response Peg, good news.

April 7, 2013- I do have raised beds for most of my edible plants but there is another area of the garden which...

April 6, 2013- Danny, thanks for the information. Does adding sugar have any affect on pests or beneficials?...

March 26, 2013- Yes, good point. I'm sure it is not ornamental but it may be good to check..... just in case!

March 26, 2013- Thank you so much Joan! I will print this off for her. Excellent information! I have given you a...

February 28, 2013- and peppers too, can I use the same for all the plants?

February 28, 2013- I was thinking a bit more complex and rotating the crops a little bit instead of planting exactly...