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May 21, 2016- That's great to hear that there's some guarantee this will work. I am not too excited about...

September 10, 2015- Thanks Megan for your reply. Check the link for plant journal where I have uploaded a photo from...

September 7, 2015- I saw a guy on Youtube who grew velvet queens and one of his sunflowers had heads like the one on...

September 7, 2015- I grow these as a hobby. I only once grew black oil seed sunflowers from seeds that I harvested...

August 10, 2015- The yellow centers seems to be blending in with the green leaves (check new photo). You were...

August 5, 2015- Thanks for you reply Lindsay. I guess I am noticing very minor things. I won't be able to...

July 15, 2015- Hey Lindsay, I just measured the seedlings with a scale and all seem to be exactly 3 inches in...

July 15, 2015- Alright Lindsay, that's a good idea. I'll post this as a new question right away with the most...