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Bio: I am a plant biologist currently working at Penn State University. My past research has focused mainly on plant diseases, specifically viruses, and on the behaviours of insects such as aphids and ladybug beetles. I am currently enjoying the opportunity to use my knowledge of plant pests to help others by writing content for PlantVillage.

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August 17, 2015- Could you upload some images of the problem Norm?

August 17, 2015- Hi Annie, No problem. Yes, it really is that easy! Just take the cutting from the fresh green...

August 10, 2015- Excellent, glad to hear it!

August 6, 2015- That is strange. Ok then feel free to post them in a new question and I will add them to the old...

July 24, 2015- PlantVillage loves information - other people don't get to see it when it is in email dialogue so...

July 20, 2015- can you upload some images of the problem, makes identification a lot easier, thanks!

July 15, 2015- Sounds perfect!

July 15, 2015- It is very hard to make out from the picture - could you post some more please?