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Bio: Plant Science and Food Science, University of Delaware '10

Plant Biology Ph.D., Penn State '16
Studied tomato breeding and genetics

Interests in general gardening, indoor gardening, tomatoes, peppers

Email :  mts5244@gmail.com
Location: Syracuse, NY
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August 3, 2018- <UPDATE> We were out of town for five days with the air conditioner turned off. Could this be...

June 14, 2017- Flea beetles are more of a problem in the spring/early summer when plants are small and before it...

June 14, 2017- Hi Daniei, Habaneros come in a variety of colors, including red, yellow, orange, brown...

January 23, 2017- I think it came from a grocery store in Delaware (definitely somewhere in the states).

October 17, 2016- Glad it worked out! I should also note that another common trigger for BER is water stress...

September 5, 2016- Thank you Sheena, I have seen that resource before. It seems to be the only detailed piece of...

August 15, 2016- The other tomatoes seem fine, but it does look like blossom end rot. Although it's a symptom of a...

June 11, 2016- I may stop by tomorrow and collect one or two if they're still there.