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Bio: I am a behavioral ecologist working mostly on diseases in ant societies. I have a strong interest in how knowledge in human societies is spread, retained and used. I and Marcel Salathe are the developers of PlantVillage which aims to spread knowledge of food plants.
I am absolutely fascinated with the global challenge of feeding 9 billion people in the coming decades. Here I explain this some more and relate it to my Zombie ant work If you want much more detail on the role of plant pathogens in human society see also here
Finally, something about zombie ants themselves

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April 11, 2019- There are likely other crops too. It is critical to think about what markets exist and what money...

April 11, 2019- Scout for eggs masses after planting. Squash them. Also, try to encourage natural enemies. Check...

April 3, 2019- Thanks for contributing. Please keep contributing.

March 12, 2019- Also, please add pictures close up of leaf. Thanks

March 12, 2019- Has it rained a lot?

March 12, 2019- Has it rained a lot?

March 7, 2019- OK, good luck with your work

March 7, 2019- OK, good luck with your work