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January 15, 2018- Thank you Peter. Do you know how to treat it? I can't find anything about it.

December 4, 2017- Thank you David but there is no advice about sowing.

November 15, 2017- I will train it. The main trunk is damaged and did not developed at the top.

November 14, 2017- Thank you! About the first plant, I told to cut the "leader trunk" because it is probably...

October 15, 2017- Thank you for your reply! I read that there is a walnut "version" called "xanthomonas campestris...

August 3, 2017- Thank you for your reply! I knew it but this is not a multi grafted tree!

July 18, 2017- Thank you for your reply! Sometimes I found some little flyes. Today I noticed also a bug. Anyway...

June 21, 2017- Thank you for your reply David! They are outside. My goal was to grew in pot and graft them....