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Bio: I work with plant pathogenic microorganisms in Russia since 1990, including epidemiology, genetics, genomics, taxonomy and detection of plant pathogenic bacteria of genera Xanthomonas, Pseudomonas, Clavibacter, Rathayibacter, Ralstonia + Enterobacteria, some fungi, TuMV and CaMV. Other topics are plant resistance to the pathogens in brassicas (Xcc races, R genes, molecular markers, breeding). Current position: Research Director, R&D Center "PhytoEngineering" (Plant Pathogen Diagnostics)

Email :  an.ignatov@gmail.com
Location: Moscow region, Russia Joined Date: May 13, 2016


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November 18, 2017- @Ravishankar, sorry, I made many pics of sugarbeet plants with P. aptata, but beans were not my...

October 16, 2017- Mirko, the pathogen goes systemic into veins. You can try to cure plants by all possible plant...

June 27, 2017- Can you describe the problem and make pics from closer distance? Is it a single tree or common...

June 27, 2017- It looks like secondary roots ready to grow. You can add some compost to cover them.

May 19, 2017- Carolyn, if this is a yellow liquid, can you check the plant tissue under with yellow spot? Is...

May 17, 2017- I agree to Dr. Narayana, it looks like weather - related damage. We need to know temperature...

May 17, 2017- @RJ Bishop, How many days have you kept the seeds in wet paper towels? Seeds could be too old...

April 4, 2017- Ravishankar, many thanks for idea! I have asked Syngenta people for better pictures.