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January 8, 2014- Ok, thanks. I haven't use any kind of fertilizer.

January 8, 2014- thank you so much, the plant is doing much better now, but ill try that :D

December 6, 2013- Thank you so much Pam! The plant is much better now, but some of the leaves got really yellow and...

December 4, 2013- Thanks so much Peg for you answer! I'm so sorry I couldn't comment on your post before, I've been...

November 23, 2013- Thanks so much for your answer, they actually give it to me in a container and they were all...

November 22, 2013- Thank you so much David, I'll read your article and let you know how everything goes.

November 22, 2013- Thanks again Lindsay, I'll be checking that post. I'm looking forward to use homemade...

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