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Dion Graber  

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Bio: We have an 1/4 acre greenhouse. We are a hydroponic facility. We grow leafy greens and herbs in vertical tubes. We also grow tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers in bato buckets with grow stone. We are new to the industry but loving the results we are getting.

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Location: Nappanee, IN Joined Date: October 3, 2017


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blossom end rot
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Holes in leaves
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November 13, 2017- Our winter plants at about 8 foot high and our old crop is approximately 25 foot tall.

November 13, 2017- We are a hydroponic facility no soil. I don't know if that matters. Do you know approximately the...

October 10, 2017- You were right Michael and David. I have identified what bugs were on the plants and they are...

October 4, 2017- As you can see David Hughes there are fungus gnats sitting on my leaves on both peppers and...