What types of crop protection methods can help make farming more efficient?

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The process of crop protection involves the maintenance of plant health and the safeguarding of yields. The type of crop cultivated and the potential threat, such as disease, insect, or weed, must be addressed in a timely and, where possible, pre-emptive manner. Modern crop protection compounds are equipped with digital solutions, which enable the precise analysis of soil and plant health as well as accurate information regarding external elements, such as the weather. Utilizing digital solutions can help farmers to optimize their allocation of resources, thus protecting crops, boosting profits, and reducing environmental damage.

Plant Protection

Posted by: Aries Agro (27 points) Aries Agro
Posted: September 19, 2023


chemical method ( use of herbicides,pesticides, fungicides)can make farming efficient on crop protection

Posted by: Gloria Andrea (1 point) Gloria Andrea
Posted: September 25, 2023

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