White leaves on my Cauliflower plants

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My cauliflower plants have this odd sheen of white. I thought maybe it was mildew, but doesn't look like all the mildew issues I had last year with my squash and other plants. They are in my greenhouse, so some outside influences are not really as much an issue. The sheen seems to wipe off, so I thought it was mildew. So what else could it be? And what can I do about it so I don't end up with dying plants or sick plants?

Posted by: Jenn (1 point) Jenn
Posted: April 23, 2015

David Hughes commented,
Can you please provide some photos
over 5 years ago.

Jenn commented,
I'll take a picture in the morning and upload it.
over 5 years ago.


Are you sure that it is not just the natural waxy bloom that Brassicas tend to produce on the leaves? it tends to give the leaves a grey-green to blue hue. Some images would help us confirm the problem.

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: April 24, 2015

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