Fig tree leaf going brown

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My plant looks great, its even growing buds all over but I noticed that some leaves are turning brow after spraying my tomato plant next to it with my neem and soap mix. is this the reason?

Posted by: reem (9 points) reem
Posted: May 10, 2015

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
Did any of the soap and neem mix get onto the fig plant?
about 5 years ago.

reem commented,
Yes i spraid some on the leaves and stem as well because of the spider mits
about 5 years ago.


If the neem and soap mixture got on to that particular leaf then I would say, yes, it could be the cause. The other leaves on the plant look very healthy - are there any others that are turning color like the one in the images? If not, I suspect the plant will be okay but keep an eye out for any others starting to change color which could be an indication of a nutrient deficiency or even over-fertilizing. Have you fed this plant recently?

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: May 11, 2015

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