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How many bush beans can I grow productively in 1 square foot? I am reading that 9 will fit but this seems like quite a lot of plants for the space. Does anyone have experience of square foot gardening? How many bush beans have you managed to grow in one square?

Posted by: Angie Hayes (1 point) Angie Hayes
Posted: May 24, 2013


For dense plantings, I'd suggest sowing a compact, upright, easy-to-harvest variety such as E-Z Pick or Provider. I've gone to using E-Z Pick almost exclusively, because they "reveal" their beans among the foliage for easy picking and they don't flop over. Both varieties are nearly foolproof; they germinate well in cool soils and yield abundantly over a long harvest season.

By the way, We use a bean frencher (a crank device widely available for $20-$25 ) to slice our surplus beans lengthwise for freezing. For some reason, they taste oh-so-much better frozen than the chopped beans.

Posted by: Peg Boyles (3 points) Peg Boyles
Posted: May 24, 2013

Charlie B. commented,
Thanks for the ideas on varieties to try and the French slicer for freezing.
about 7 years ago.

I plant a couple per square foot. Mel's method does work, provided you have perfect conditions and are willing to water regularly. However, I give them more space so they're more resilient and can breathe a bit. Root competition for water is much less and they don't seem to suffer nearly as much as the jam-packed ones.

Posted by: David Goodman (67 points) David Goodman
Posted: May 25, 2013

I have managed 9 plants per square foot. Easy. Mel Bartholomew has it down to a science.

Posted by: Bradley Cahill (1 point) Bradley Cahill
Posted: May 24, 2013

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