When to pick carrots?

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I am new to growing carrots. How do I know when they are ready to pick?

Posted by: Laura (1 point) Laura
Posted: July 20, 2013


You can harvest carrots as soon as you notice little carrots worth bothering with in your thinnings. As you keep weeding and thinning, you'll notice the carrots getting bigger. Enjoy them at any size.

Most seed labels list "days to maturity." That means the crop should be fully developed around then. If you're planning to store some of your harvest, wait until then to pull them.

I don't know where you live and garden, Laura, but there's still plenty of time to mature another crop of carrots in most parts of the U.S. if you sow them now. Remember, you have many varieties to choose from. Some carrots grow very quickly; these tend to be snappier and tenderer than the long or fat ones intended for long storage. Part of the fun of gardening is trying different varieties and discovering which ones best suit your tastes and needs.

Posted by: Peg Boyles (5 points) Peg Boyles
Posted: July 20, 2013

Bridget Guzzi commented,
Yes, I agree that trying different varieties adds to your personal likes / tastes.
I have also pulled carrots throughout the growing season to see if their size matches the top growth. If I feel they need more time I place them back in the ground for continued growth.

over 10 years ago.

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