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How can I get bigger carrots next year?

Carrot    Reading and London (UK)

This years is the first time I grow carrots. The results are disappointing. The carrots are short and some are pretty distorted (with funny shapes). They taste OK, though. What can I do to improve on size next year? (Note: they did not need thinning out)

Asked by: Pietro Spanu (2 points)   Posted:September 23, 2013

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Carrot crop

Carrot    Dublin, Ireland

Just wondering if anyone has had problems with their carrots this year? I put down seeds and not a sign of anything after about 6-8 weeks, put down more last week to see if it might be bad seeds

Asked by: Ed Kinsella (2 points)   Posted:June 24, 2016

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When to pick carrots?

Carrot    None Given

I am new to growing carrots. How do I know when they are ready to pick?

Asked by: Laura (1 point)   Posted:July 20, 2013

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These yellowishness on the leaves started recently.
Yellowing of carrot leaves?

Carrot    None Given

I have few carrot plants. Two weeks ago I added much needed fertilizer, mostly they are doing good. I pulled out 5 recently, 2 were very pale, 1 was tinny and two were medium-sized and very tasty. Now there is this yellowishness on the leaves. I added Cow Manure, Calcium in the soil and calcium...

Asked by: Kareem (2 points)   Posted:April 13, 2017

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