When to plant which potato variety and their days to maturity

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Could you please tell me whether the following potato varieties are best planted early, mid, or late in the season and also what their approximate days to maturity are?
The varieties are desiree, dutch cream, kennebes, nadine, nicola, otway red, pontiac, royal blue, sebago
Thank you very much for your assistance

Dear Lindsay
Thank you very much for your detailed information which I had been unable to otherwise gain
Your service is terrific!
Thank you
Lindsay Armstrong

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Posted: October 1, 2014

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
Glad to help Lindsay! Welcome to PlantVillage
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Here's what information I could dig up on the varieties you mention, hope it is helpful

Desiree - mid to late maturing 80 to 100 days to maturity
Dutch cream - early to late season 110 to 135 days to maturity
Kennebec - early mid-season 110 to 135 days to maturity
Nadine - early 80 to 90 days to maturity
Nicola - early 80 to 90 days to maturity
Otway red - late 110 to 130 days to maturity
Red Pontiac - early season 110 days to maturity
Royal blue - 110 to 130 days from planting
Sebago - mid season 130 days to maturity

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: October 1, 2014

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