Apricot tree still did not flower and does not have any leaves

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My apricot tree of 4-5 years was doing ok but in August of last year its leaves turned light green (lighter compared to other apricot trees). I think it also lost leaves earlier than other apricot trees in the fall. This year in spring it had flower buds like other apricot trees but buds on this tree never opened. There are no leaves either even now. If I scratch trunk I see green, not brown. I do not see any visible signs of fungus on its bark. Is the tree need to be removed or I need to wait till next year with hope it will wake up? It is very beautiful tree, I do not want to kill it if it possible to save it.
Thank you for advice!

Posted by: Halyna (1 point) Halyna
Posted: May 17, 2016

David Hughes commented,
Can you add some pictures please
over 4 years ago.

Halyna commented,
We just took it down, it had no leaves in June. Of course if would be nice to know why, there is a plum tree growing 4 feet from it (dwarf tree) so I do hope it is not root problem that might affect that one as well. Thank you for your comment.
over 4 years ago.


Apricots are relatively easy to grow, but they do not flower and fruit every year. In California our apricot plot was fruiting every other year. On the off years we put a heavy dose of fertilizer so they could replenish the carbon storage for the next year. I would suggest this, and hope that next year you see fruit.

Posted by: Kathryn Fiedler (72 points) Kathryn Fiedler
Posted: May 19, 2016

Kathryn, thank you for the answer. But my tree did not even get leaves....It was June and no leaves, when other trees already had small fruits so we decided to take it down.

Posted by: Halyna (1 point) Halyna
Posted: June 25, 2016

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