Is is it safe to plant veg close to yew trees?

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There is an area of our garden in the SW corner that we pinpointed over the weekend for growing some veg in but our neighbour has some conifers growing close to the fence. I asked him what kind they were and he said that they are European Yews - which I thought were poisonous? Is it alright to plant within a few meters of these trees or might it affect anything I grow? It seems the ideal spot for the vegetable patch, south facing, a good distance from the house and free of shade most of the day until the sun dips behind the neighbours trees. What do you think? I really appreciate all the answers people have been providing to help me get started

Posted by: Johnboy (2 points) Johnboy
Posted: April 8, 2013


The poison in yews is only in the tissue and seeds but I can't imagine it would leach into the soil and be taken up by roots. I've had a blackberry patch next to yews before (about 5-10 feet away) and there's never been an issue. If you are really concerned you could make a raised bed garden and dump some clean fill in. But if I was in your situation I wouldn't think twice about it really.

note: I've done some digging online and I've only found that the leaves, bark, and seeds are poisonous....nothing about the roots (and I already know the flesh of berries isn't poisonous). I definitely wouldn't worry about a garden nearby.

Posted by: Kathryn Fiedler (72 points) Kathryn Fiedler
Posted: April 8, 2013

Johnboy commented,
Thank you so much Kathryn. That's great news!
about 11 years ago.

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