What can I use to coat unfinished wood planters that won't harm my edibles?

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I have just bought two large wooden planters at the store to plant up some of my seedlings for my balcony garden. I was thinking I might even get some strawberry transplants to go in them if I can find any. Anyway, is there something I can use to seal the wood with that won't be toxic to any edibles that I grow in them - is a regular wood protector ok?

Posted by: Sophie Brooks (3 points) Sophie Brooks
Posted: April 12, 2013


You could try purchasing parafeen wax such as was used to seal jams and jellies. just be sure to drill a couple 1/2 inch holes in bottom of planters then carefull pour wax in and work around by tilting planter. linseed oil you can brush on. or you my try several coats of vegetable oil. you wont have the worry of the wax overheating and catching on fire. a burning pan of wax makes an awful black smoke and can be hard to extinguish. but if you feel safe melting wax, go for it. or be safe and use boiled linseed oil or vegetable oil.
if the planter boxes are cedar you can use as is. they will last for years. no matter what you use, be sure to drill drainage holes or your plants can easily drown , or die of root rot.

Posted by: john faust (5 points) john faust
Posted: April 12, 2013

Sophie Brooks commented,
Think they are pine, thanks for your help!
over 10 years ago.

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