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I have a few grapevines and this will be my second year growing grapes although I started late last year. My vines are all growing very well and showing large quantities of grapes. However, one or two of my vines are showing signs of stress I believe. I have attached two pictures each one a different vine. One shows the leaves browning at the tips and starting to curl inwards, they feel kind of dry.

The second image and a different vine, shows the tips of the leaves turning red.

I water them once very 2 days, enough to soak the roots between 8-10in deep, they are in direct sunlight and I feed them once every two weeks. The are in very large clay pots and are not root bound and are located in the South of France.

Can anyone give me any pointers ?

Thanks in advance ..


Posted by: MikeHardley (1 point) MikeHardley
Posted: June 7, 2017

Kelsee Baranowski commented,
Mike, what variety of grape are you growing? The blush color in the second image could just be a trait of the variety you have. As for the curling leaves, do you see any insects on or around the plant?
about 3 years ago.

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