grape disease

Grape    None Given

Hello everyone, please let me know what caused this?

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:November 8, 2016

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Grape leaf turning yellow

Grape    None Given

Two grape vines out of my 100 are having leaves turning yellow. Some even turn brown and start drying. Could they be lacking anything? I could also send a picture if you like.

Asked by: Bw (1 point)   Posted:August 3, 2016

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grape disease

Grape    Iran

my orchard located in Mountainous area and some of grapes are infected. what can cause this?

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:May 28, 2019

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Pruning grapevine during growing season

Grape    bunbury wa 6230

What is the best method of pruning the grapevine to maxamise fruit production. My vine is about 4years old and produces plenty of seasonal vine and leaf growth but only one bunch?

Asked by: roger bott (2 points)   Posted:November 6, 2014

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Worm eating new growth on young grape vine, identification needed

Grape    None Given

What is the name of this worm, it feeds on the new growth of my young vines that has been planted a month ago?

Asked by: dutoit.dc (1 point)   Posted:July 21, 2014

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Dried and curling leaves

Grape    None Given

Hello I have a few grapevines and this will be my second year growing grapes although I started late last year. My vines are all growing very well and showing large quantities of grapes. However, one or two of my vines are showing signs of stress I believe. I have attached two pictures each...

Asked by: MikeHardley (1 point)   Posted:June 7, 2017

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Grape    Nezahualc├│yotl,Mexico

My grape vine has been affected by a fungus, what kind of fungus is it? I have eliminated it with neem oil

Asked by: alejandro (1 point)   Posted:August 1, 2018

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The time for fertilizing

Grape    None Given

How to fertilize grapes and when is the best time to do it? Please introduce me some handbooks too. Thanks

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:March 5, 2017

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Can I plant grapes in the spring?

Grape    SC

What is the best time of year to plant out grapevines in the yard? I want to try and make my own wine. Is it possible to grow them from seeds or should I buy some transplants? What is a good variety to grow here in SC, especially for wine making?

Asked by: Melanie Young (3 points)   Posted:February 21, 2013

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Grape leaves drying and turning brown

Grape    None Given

I bought a small grape vine which has not yet started producing fruit. The leaves this brown discoloration on them. Please check the photo and help me please!

Asked by: reem (9 points)   Posted:January 31, 2015

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Shriveled grapes

Grape    None Given

Why have our grapes shriveled some of the bunches have a mixture of green healthy grapes and black shriveled grapes on the same bunch They were really good. Until a fortnight ago when we had a cold snap

Asked by: marg driver (1 point)   Posted:September 14, 2014

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E) fungus like infection on shoot base
Grape disease diagnostic

Grape    Syria

Hello, I am a new grape farmer, And I need help to diagnose my grape disease, The following symptoms are visible, it is bunch closure time in our region,: Stunted growth, short shoots compared to healthy vines and smaller leaves Chlorotic leaves Some fan shaped leaves(i might be mistaken) and...

Asked by: youssef al ghadban (1 point)   Posted:June 21, 2018

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Grape leaf
Grape vine leaves

Grape    Arizona

Have yellow with brown spots

Asked by: Gloria (1 point)   Posted:June 8, 2020

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Grape Disease

Grape    None Given

I'am a grape vine first timer to plant, all my fruit in my grape has not even reached the ripe stage as shown on the attached image. Could you please tell me what is cause. They just burst half and they showed the seeds inside.

Asked by: Danny Pamintuan (1 point)   Posted:March 27, 2016

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grape leaf diseases

Grape    karnataka

sir/madam i need a list of grape leaf diseases with its images which are affecting in Karnataka state.for my study purpose so please provide me a deatails of it.

Asked by: uday (1 point)   Posted:February 4, 2016

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Grape Disease?

Grape    Michigan

We moved to Traverse City, Michigan about 2 years ago, and the property included a small vineyard with some Concord grapes, and various wine varieties as well. We know nothing about grapes/gardening, but have been caring for the plants regularly, and they produced great fruit for the past 2...

Asked by: Natalie (1 point)   Posted:September 4, 2018

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Yellowing plus drying vine leaves

Grape    None Given

Early summer in hot (Middle East) climate. Pot-grown grape vine with some, not many, very sad looking yellow leaves. Others brown and crisp out. Water twice a week, general plant food once a month. Overall growth ok but less strong than last year. Any thoughts please on food/water/love...

Asked by: Grant (2 points)   Posted:May 5, 2016

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How to recognize the fruit spurs and what pruning can be undertaken in the growth season?

Grape    Australia

This vine is in its 6th season and up till this season only produced 1 small bunch compared with this season, 8 bunches. What is the best procedure to maintain strong fruit growth. Does some of the new the vine growth need to be pruned ?

Asked by: roger bott (2 points)   Posted:October 22, 2017

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Grape Vine Leaf (Parra)
Grape Leaf Dark Staining

Grape    None Given

Hi I'm very new to grape vines and have always wanted to grow my own. I now have 5 young vines growing in the south of France and most of them have developed the kind of staining on the leaves shown in the picture . They are young and have not yet started to produce fruit but are actively...

Asked by: MikeHardley (1 point)   Posted:September 25, 2016

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Grape leaves turning yellow

Grape    None Given

I'm wondering if anyone can help me to find out why some of my grape leaves are turning yellow. I have closely checked for insects, but all seems clear. Could the vine be lacking anything such as iron?

Asked by: Bw (1 point)   Posted:August 4, 2016

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Damage on grape leaves
What to do against Japanese Beetles on grapes

Grape    Lausanne, Switzerland

My grapes are suffering badly from japanese beetles that seem to have taken over the plants - see images below. Does anyone know how to solve this problem - i.e. how can I get rid of the beetles before they start killing off the other plants? Many thanks!

Asked by: deactivated (25 points)   Posted:July 21, 2013

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Shrivelling cluster

Grape    None Given

My Valliant grapes (in Manitoba, Canada) have been producing wonderfully well every year. But each year there are some clusters that get something I thought was sunburn and eventually shrivel and dry up. This only happens to a few grapes of the cluster. Not nearly all clusters get this. I don't...

Asked by: Bw (1 point)   Posted:July 28, 2016

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Grape vine with few leaves

Grape    None Given

I bought a grape vine from a nursery and i believe it was a weak plant from the start , the foliage is very weak and what i mean that it only has few leaves and then all turns brown and dies. I added compost tea, I used a balanced fertiliser yet nothing changed. How can I give it more energy and...

Asked by: reem (9 points)   Posted:March 23, 2015

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Yellow spots on grape leaves
Yellow spots on grape leaves

Grape    PA

My husband brought home some grape plants yesterday that he found in the store. I had mentioned growing some grapes to him a few weeks back so when he saw them he decided just to buy them. One of the plants he brought home has some yellow spots on its leaves. I have taken a picture of this. Is it...

Asked by: Marsha Anderson (5 points)   Posted:May 6, 2013

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How to build a trellis for grape vines

Grape    SC

How do I build a trellis that is suitable for grape growing? Is it similar to raspberries or are there other ways to do it?

Asked by: Melanie Young (3 points)   Posted:February 22, 2013

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What causes grapes to shrivel up before harvest?


I have a grapevine in my garden that looks healthy enough and each year it seems to be doing fine, only for the grapes to shrivel up before they are ready to harvest. I have some pics somewhere from last ear but m having trouble finding them. This is an old vine, several years at least and...

Asked by: Fred Johnson (3 points)   Posted:March 24, 2013

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