diesease identification

Symptoms    Bungoma,Kenya

help me identify the disease and management practices that are involved seems like is a nutrient deficiency but am not so sure

Posted by: kelvin nyongesa (1 point) kelvin nyongesa
Posted: June 24, 2020


The symptoms are more similar to fungus infection than nutrient deficiency. As management practices, trim the leaves that are showing symptoms and avoid overwatering.

Posted by: Rimnoma Serge Ouedraogo (14 points) Rimnoma Serge Ouedraogo
Posted: June 25, 2020

kelvin nyongesa commented,
thank you serge
7 months ago.

I dont agree with Serge. Fungal infections on a leaf typically spread out from spots and are grey/brown/dark. I see how he might think that based on the last image from the underside. But the yellow blotches between veins and the yellowing of the edges suggest a physiological stress.

Posted by: David Hughes (55 points) David Hughes
Posted: June 28, 2020

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